Ambivalent: Daily Update 23/30

While it’s drawing to a close on here, I’m realizing that this writing endeavor is going to exceed the 50k word count by thousands.  I’m still debating as to whether or not I’ll be continuing with daily goals and daily blog updates of progress beyond the 30th, but until then:   Tonight’s update gives the […]

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Ambivalent: Daily Update 22/30

Short entry tonight: how I earned the name “gullible Rose.”   Aun Aqui   While we lived in the dumpy little house on Elmstreet, hanging out outside took up the free time that was left to me after school.  When I wasn’t playing football with Kenny and the boys or browsing through my Pokemon collection […]

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Ambivalent: Daily Update 21/30

Happy day before Thanksgiving, everybody!  Enjoy the food and time off of work (hopefully you’ll get to enjoy atleast a little of it).  Tonight’s entry: more of our stay in NPR, Florida.  Football, fights, and a little bit of criminal activity. Aun Aqui   “One-missippi two-missipi threemississippi fourmissipifivemisipee!” I rushed forward and chased the boy who was […]

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Ambivalent: Daily Update 20/30

Today is the 66% completion marker, and I’m less than five thousand words away from the 50k goal.  Happiness abounds!  In tonight’s entry, our family settles back into the Sunshine State and I encounter some interesting experiences at, and on the way to, school. Aun Aqui     Our new house in Florida was kind of a drag.  […]

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Ambivalent: Daily Update 19/30

Monday! Hooray, it’s over!  Here’s a short, abbreviated entry to celebrate. Criticism and feedback are welcome as ever, Aun Aqui   Our return to the sunshine state was a glorious one for mom and us kids; dad wasn’t quite as psyched about it.  “I’ll miss the mountains,” he sighed into his cell phone.  “What are […]

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Ambivalent: Daily Update 18/30

Soon it was time for me to start second grade.  The bad news was that Katie and I wouldn’t have any classes together that year. But then, mom got a phone call from Grammy, saying that granddad (our great grandfather) had suffered from a stroke.  That was the very bad news. “It’s so hard taking […]

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Ambivalent: Daily Update 17/30

Short entry today.  I’ve been outside enjoying the weather! Criticism and feedback are very appreciated, Aun Aqui   The Spice Girls. They gave me something to identify with, and define myself by. My best friend in the 1st grade, Katie Mueller, first introduced me to the band. We were in PE one day, doing sit […]

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Ambivalent: Daily Update 16/30

Friday! At last.  It felt like it would never get here.  Have a great, safe weekend everyone.  More updates to come. Aun Aqui   “Dudley!” My mom called out towards her and dad’s bedroom door one oddly warm October evening. “We need to check the kids candy before they eat it!” Bobby and I had already […]

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Ambivalent: Daily Update 15/30

Our family had moved out of the townhouse and into our final, South Carolina residence: a real home. We started renting the small two-bedroom, two-bath house in the early Spring.  It came with a big, fenced in backyard, and we even bought an above-ground pool to put in it (it rose about two and a […]

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